Welcome to Akalanka Persians, I am Clare from Malta (Europe), mother of two boys, Gary 19 & Kyle 12 years old. Welcome to my website.

I have chosen the name Akalanka for my cattery because it means flawless in Hindu and that is what Persian cats did to my life...it became perfect!

My cats are my passion, they share my home and my life.

I am very particular about the health and well being of my cats and my goal is to produce healthy happy kittens with a lovely temperament and sweet open expression, while constantly working to improve the Persian breed.

My cats all live with me in the house and they are not and will never be caged, actually they have become rulers of my house.

My cattery is CFA registered.

PKD, FIV, FELV DNA negative tested.

Can never thank the breeders enough for trusting me with their cats and helping me out with my breeding program.

My lines include Steeplechase, Tombrock, Tehy, Artemis, Vareda, Just One Wish, Jonti, Fanci FX, Bocasana, Kelsha, Maradan, Kuorii, Wishstar, Boberan, Cattrax, Vickits, Alomis, Validian, Melositos, Korsvik, Divination, D'Eden Lover, Budmar, Barmont

Switch your speakers on and enjoy the music while browsing through my website !




 Would also like to thank Dr. Adinolfi for the so much patience and the excellent job he is done after root treating Tatoo's tooth. It was really worth travelling to Turin to get it done. 


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